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Hi friends, thanks for stopping by to check out the Evolution of Me.

I started this blog to pass on what I have learned on my journey towards total health and wellness.  I am still on this journey, and, hopefully, always will be.

I began this journey in 2010 after losing my mom to cancer.  This was a pivotal moment in my life, one that forced me to take a closer look at the way I was living.  What I found was that I was not healthy – neither physically nor emotionally nor spiritually.  I had an  untreated autoimmune thyroid disorder (Graves disease) that was making me feel pretty awful.  I was overweight and undernourished.  I was extremely self-destructive.  I had a pack a day cigarette habit.  I was depressed, anxious, and, basically, out of shape in every way imaginable.

And, so, as many of us do, I turned to “the Google.”  I started reading everything I could find about autoimmune disorders and how to best achieve total wellness – both physical AND mental.  I listened to Podcasts, went to therapy, saw doctors, read books, scoured the internet, and used my own reasoning skills to examine the  way I eat and live and compare it to what I was learning about health.


After months of research, I began to make changes in the Fall of 2010.  Some quickly, some slowly.  One of the first things to change was the elimination of processed food.  I strive to not put anything in my body that is processed — meaning, anything that has ingredients I cannot pronounce nor identify.

In addition, I quit smoking.  And, most importantly for me, I stopped using anything mood or mind altering, and began repairing the wreckage of my past, through a connection to spirit and asking others for help.  In other words, I began removing the things that were harming me, in all areas of my life, and, as a result, I started feeling better immediately.  

Two years later, my thyroid disease flared up again and this time I was told that, essentially, after years of abuse, my thyroid had burned out.  I turned to “the Google” again.  After more research, I was ready to make another major change and,  as of September 2012, I said goodbye to gluten.  In just 10 days, I felt remarkably better.  The inflammation I was struggling with was no longer visible, my eczema disappeared, I no longer had allergy or sinus issues, and my mood improved ten fold.  I suddenly had an amazing level of energy, which I hadn’t had since I was a small child.  I no longer suffered from the “mid-day slump.”  My depression and anxiety lifted.  In short, everything changed.  I was sold.

I became obsessed with studying health, and, eventually found the Paleo/Primal way of eating and living, and adopted that as my own.  It was a natural fit.  It just made sense to me to eat in an “ancestral way” — meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds — in other words, the foods of our hunter gatherer ancestors.


I continue to make changes in the way I eat, move and live, based on my common sense and well-tested science.  I find that I feel better when I eat similar to how our hunter gather ancestors ate (meat and vegetables, basically).  I feel best when I combine that way of eating with healthy movement and stress management.

It is a process.  A journey.  An evolution.  An evolution of me.

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doodleThis blog is dedicated to the memory of my faithful best friend, Maggie Doodle Bug.  She left this world on my 45th birthday, May 25, 2014, and is missed terribly every single day.  She was the best dog and the best friend anyone could ask for.  Thank you, Doodle for 12 + years of love and loyalty and friendship.  Mommy misses you.  xoxoxo


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