Celebrating Body Diversity

In keeping with my last post about embracing my body exactly as it is today (see: here), I’m pleased to see a few POSITIVE body image articles featuring well-known public figures on the web today.  If you are not feeling the love for yourself today, try reading these articles and letting their self-confidence rub off on you (just click on their name or photo, below, to see the articles).  xo, C.

(1) Amy Schumer

““My dad, like, has MS and is in a wheelchair and it’s, like, I’m just psyched I can f—ing move,” she says. “How are you going to complain [about your imperfections?] Shut the f— up. You’re alive. You can move. You feel good!”


(2) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Hunter McGrady

“The INCREDIBLE thing is that I have the say over EVERY INCH of my body and absolutely nothing you say or do will change my beliefs. I do what I want. MY rules. For anyone who has anything negative to say about a woman or mans body of any size–you are about to get extremely riled up because this movement is here to stay. I’ll make sure of it.”





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