A “call” from the Universe

While at work at my “day job” today, I had a brief, random encounter that left a large impression on me.  I had stopped to sign out at the security desk from a location I frequent occasionally for work, when the “security officer/ receptionist” on duty, a woman I’ve only spoken to once or twice in the past 5 years or so (and even then only to exchange pleasantries), stopped me and asked if she could talk to me for a minute.  I said sure and braced myself for her to ask me a complex work related question, but instead she asked me, with eyes filled with curiosity and love, “what is your passion?”

Confused, I asked her to elaborate.  “What would you do for a living if money were no object?  What do you love to do,” she asked.  I paused, apparently for too long, because she said (sounding quite worried), “you don’t know?!?”

I replied that I did know.  I would write. I love writing. I told her that writing is the one thing that I can lose myself in. That it’s an activity where I can lose track of time in complete enjoyment.   She smiled and then asked why I don’t focus entirely on writing if I love it so much.  I paused and smiled and explained the situation with my student loans and need for secure income.  She nodded in understanding.

When I asked her why she randomly stopped me to ask this, she told me that she had been thinking about this issue of pursuing ones passion a lot lately. She had done theater for years and loved singing and acting.  When she said this, I could totally see it. Despite her security uniform, I could see her on stage, singing and dancing and acting. I noticed that she had eyes that sparkled and were full of mischief. That she had a voice that seemed straight out of a fairy tale – soft yet high pitched, like a fairy from a magical land.  I had briefly interacted with this woman in the past, but never noticed these beautiful qualities that I saw today when she shared her passion with me.

I told her that I could see her acting and singing on stage and hoped that she would again soon.  The phone at her front desk rang and she had to take the call. I waved goodbye and walked away.  As I was almost to the front door, she held the phone away from her face for a minute and yelled out “I hope you start writing again.  Even if it’s just in a journal.”  I waved and called out that I would.

And so, here I am, just a few hours after that encounter, sitting at a counter of a favorite cafe writing a blog post, after devouring a spring salad that (strangely?) never tasted better.

I hear you, Universe.




4 responses to A “call” from the Universe

  1. Linda

    Love this story! Hope you keep writing too as you do it so well and I enjoy reading it. 💕

    • Janifer Wisniski

      That’s what an experience of being present to the moment in front of you is all about !!! Many happy more moments of being present dear one!!!

  2. Don

    Thank you, CC, for sharing your passion! Clearly, the Universe is calling for a much bigger contribution!

    ❤️ Don

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