I have always been borderline obsessed with music, as a listener, not a musician (sadly).   One of my earliest happy memories is of me sitting on a swing singing my favorite songs over and over again.  I love getting lost in a song.  I love seeing bands play live.  Music  is a big part of my life.  Putting my headphones on and listening to a favorite song takes me away from all my cares and worries – at least for 3-4 minutes.

Lately, with all this stress going on due to my father’s health decline, music has become a favorite form of therapy for me.  Whenever I get the opportunity – in the car, out for a run, or just a moment to sneak away alone – I frequently turn to my Spotify list.  I am the type of music listener that gets totally obsessed with particular songs – when I’m obsessed with a song, I can play it over and over again and be totally transported to another place.  Usually my song obsessions last for a couple of months, max, and then a new song will enter my world and it will become my new obsession.

These are the songs I am currently obsessed with.  I thought I’d share them with you.  Some are sappy love songs, some are rocking numbers infused with hooks and great melodies.  The only requirement for a song to get into my “obsessive listening que” is that it have a hook — that moment in the song that grabs something deep inside of you and won’t let go.  Good stuff.

Here are my current hook-filled favorites (in no particular order)


Lake Street Dive – “What I’m Doing Here.”

Sam Smith – “Lay Me Down”

Heartless Bastards – “Hi-Line”

Kathryn Gallagher – “Damaged”

Ryan Adams – “Sweet Illusions”

Ryan Adams – “All You Had To Do Was Stay” (T Swift cover)


Prepare to be hooked.  You are welcome.





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