“… Everybody needs a song …”

I love the Indigo Girls.  I have for a very long time.  I’ve seen them in concert probably 20 + times.  I was on an Indigo Girls kick the other day, and while listening to their song “Our Deliverance,” I was moved to tears.  It is certainly not the first time an Indigo Girls song has moved me this way — their harmonies and lyrics are breathtakingly beautiful.  But, what moved me on this recent occasion was how powerful a message for PEACE “Our Deliverance” is

It is, OR it SHOULD be, the song for our generation — a battle cry for peace and love in a world that is certainly lacking both.  It is also a song that speaks to me on a very personal level.

The song moves me, not only as someone who desires a more loving and peaceful world – in the macro and the micro sense, but also as someone who has found so much peace for herself in the past 3 years. 

This Thursday will be my 3 year clean and sober anniversary.  It is absolutely amazing to me how much my life has changed since finding a way up and out of the self-destruction that was my life for 29 years.  I am grateful beyond all measure.  I am especially grateful for that sense of HOPE for my future, and for all our futures, that I feel now that I have a second lease on life.  And that hope is founded in FAITH that there is a Power much greater than myself (or yourself) that is guiding my heart.  That Power is the “blind trust” that I have today that LOVE will indeed FIND US, “just like it has before.”  (And I am NOT talking about romantic love here.  I am talking about the love we were born with … a natural, universal love that exists within all of us.)

What a gift!!!

I have also discovered an awesome video for the song that they do with Joan Baez, where they all discuss the need to have songs for encouraging peaceful movements.  I’ve linked to that video below the lyrics.





Indigo Girls, “Our Deliverance”

Now we can say that nothing’s lost and only change brings round the prophecy
Where now it’s melting, the solid frost was once a veil on greener landscapes we would see
Beneath my surface the water’s heating
And steam comes up and out the tears you see me shine
For every strange and bitter moment there was never a better time
For every pleasure exacts its pain
How you hurt me how you were good to me
Beneath my window a mournful train that makes me smile at my bad poetry
Beneath my surface a song is rising
It may be simple while it hides its true intent
We may be looking for our deliverance but it has already been sent
It’s in the night fall when the light falls
And what you’ve seen isn’t there anymore
It’s in our blind trust that love will find us
Just like it has before
They’re sending soldiers to distant places
X’s and O’s on someone’s drawing board
Like green and plastic but with human faces
And they want to tell you it’s a merciful sword
But with all the blood newly dried in the desert
Can we not fertilize the land with something else
There is no nation by god exempted
Lay down your weapons and love your neighbor as yourself
In the night fall when the light falls
And what you’ve seen isn’t there anymore
It’s through our blind trust that love will find us
Just like it has before




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