Renew, Reflect, Run??

Running resources.  Mercury Retrograde.  Rich Roll Podcast.  These are the things I’m into this week. 


The overarching theme of this month, for me, has been: review.  Review, reflect, renew.  And according to this video on Mercury Retrograde by Gala Darling, that all makes perfect sense:

I’ve also written about Mercury Retrograde, see post here, but Gala Darling explains it perfectly, so that is all I will say about that.

What have I been doing to review, reflect and renew?

  • Journaling about the past, reading old journals;
  • cleaning out closets and donating clothes that I don’t totally LOVE to charity or friends who might totally love them;
  • working on house projects (gardening and catching up with all the projects I’ve ignored all winter);
  • sorting and organizing my “stuff” – both physical stuff and mental stuff (thanks to therapy):
  • focusing on me and my problems, instead of what is wrong with everyone else (which is very easy to do, for me, but total insanity making).
  • I’ve also been spending a lot of time in NATURE (which has an immediate effect on me of feeling renewed) through hiking and running outside;
  • AND, I got all my hair cut off, which has had a super positive effect in allowing me to feel RENEWED, refreshed and revived.

I believe all of those actions and reflections are in line with the advice Gala Darling gives in her Mercury Retrograde video, and, for me, they all happened without a whole lot of planning on my part — it has just seemed natural to me this month to review, renew and reflect.

The secondary theme for May has been RUN.  I’ve been doing a lot of running again (easing up on CrossFit due to schedule conflicts, but hopefully will be getting back to that on the regular starting today) this month, with the peak being running with my girlfriends in the Color Run this past weekend.  See photos below

IMG_0571 IMG_0574 IMG_0577 IMG_0594

I recently purchased Dr. Kelly Starrett’s new book, “Ready to Run.”


And have been listening to Rich Roll’s book, Finding Ultra, on Audible, while doing my morning run training.


Lots of running related stuff going on around here.  But, back to CrossFit today.  I do miss it.  Hopefully, I can keep BOTH running and CrossFit as part of my weekly routine.

Hmm … review, renew, reflect … and running … It appears I am all about the letter R this month.  And that means absolutely nothing, but I am a huge fan of alliteration, so I felt the need to point it out.

Hope you get through this Mercury Retrograde period with little drama, and lots of renewal.  Renewal rocks! (As does alliteration!)





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