When Something’s Not Right, It’s Wrong

I was listening to the “Dear Sugar” podcast today, while cleaning and cooking, and Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond were answering a listener’s question about whether or not she was having a mid-life crisis, because she’s sleeping with much younger men.  The “Sugars” advised her to listen to her instincts / intuition, that tell her that something is not right, and quote a Bob Dylan lyric, “when somethin’s not right, it’s wrong.”  They advised her to write that lyric down, and tape it to her mirror, so that she will see it every day.  That lyric really hit home for me , and so I wanted to share it with you all.

I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I over analyze the hell out of a situation or relationship — is it the right situation for me, is he the right person for me???  etc., etc.  I can make myself crazy with the pro and con lists, so crazy that many times I don’t end up making decisions at all, and just wait for the situation to destruct on its own accord.  DRAMA!!

How simple instead to just apply the Bob Dylan lyric:  if something’s not right, it’s wrong.  Is there something about this person or situation that does not feel right?  If yes, then it is not right.  It is wrong.

Boom.  Done.  LOVE IT!

The lyric is from the Bob Dylan song, “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go,” and like any Bob Dylan song, I prefer it when sung by someone else (hate me, I don’t care, but I really hate Bob Dylan’s voice.  He’s an amazing songwriter, but as a singer, meh, not so much), and so, below is the Miley Cyrus cover.  Enjoy!

I’ve seen love go by my door / It’s never been this close before / Never been so easy or so slow / Been shooting in the dark too long / When somethin’s not right it’s wrong / Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go

Dragon clouds so high above/ I’ve only known careless love / It’s always hit me from below / This time around it’s more correct / Right on target, so direct / Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go

Purple clover, Queen Anne’s Lace / Crimson hair across your face / You could make me cry if you don’t know / Can’t remember what I was thinkin’ of / You might be spoilin’ me too much, love/ Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go

Flowers on the hillside, bloomin’ crazy / Crickets talkin’ back and forth in rhyme / Blue river runnin’ slow and lazy / I could stay with you forever and never realize the time

Situations have ended sad / Relationships have all been bad / Mine’ve been like Verlaine’s and Rimbaud / But there’s no way I can compare / All those scenes to this affair / Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go

Yer gonna make me wonder what I’m doin’ /
Stayin’ far behind
 you / Yer gonna make me wonder what I’m sayin’ / Yer gonna make me give myself a good talkin’ to

I’ll look for you in old Honolulu / 
San Francisco, Ashtabula
/ Yer gonna have to leave me now, I know / But I’ll see you in the sky above
In the tall grass, in the ones I love / 
Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go


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