Things I Loved On The Internet in April

Anne Lamott.  Squats.  Peach cobbler.  Nancy Drew.  Self care. THINGS I LOVED ON THE INTERNET!  APRIL 2015 EDITION!

1.  This article from NY Tmes — The Moral Bucket List

2.  Anne Lamott shares all that she knows — Anne Lamott Shares All That She Knows.  I love Anne Lamott. (I am running a lot more these days, and have been listening to Anne Lamott books through Audible during my runs.  My favorites:  “Stitches,” and “Bird by Bird.”)

3.  This is an old article I found this week, when I needed a little self nurturing.  I love it.  I’m going to try this technique.  Elephant Journal Article

4.  A Girls Gone Strong article about squats. A central move of CrossFit, and one I need to work on more, squats are also central to our mobility, long term.  Check it out.  Squats!

5.  “You will never become who you want to be if you keep blaming everyone else for who you are now.” And a bunch of other quotes that will change your life. So they say.  Quotes to Change Your Life

6.  Feng Shui Your Life!!  I’m on it. And I actually do some of these already.  Score!

7.  Yum!  Warm Brussels sprout salad from A Cup of Jo.  Warm Brussels Sprout Salad

8.  Yea, Gala Darling, fuck that!   Fuck That, a manifesto

9.  Omg this looks so good. And it’s Paleo.  Peach Cobbler from Balanced Bites

10.  One of my besties has a blog too!   And, you should check it! Becca’s Busy

11.  Amy Schumer.  That is all.   Girl, you don’t need make up

12.  Nancy Drew is 85 years old.  I cannot even tell you guys how much I obsessed about Nancy Drew as a kid.  Love love love!! Nancy Drew

13.  Thanks, Chipotle!

14.   Hahaha. I love Jimmy Fallon.  And Jack Black. More Than Words

15.  Get outside, y’all!

Enjoy, guys!  The lazy days of Summer are right around the corner.  Ah…






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