New Moon?

This has been a weird month for me thus far — sickness, sleep problems, and wacky mood fluctuations.  I attributed all this to a number of totally “logical” things – typical female stuff (whatever that means), the anniversary of my mom’s passing fast approaching, and possible thyroid wonky-ness.  Also, I’ve been worried about my dad’s health and certainly that could have a negative effect on my health and mood, but I suspect there is more to it than any of those totally likely scenarios listed above.  My real suspicion about why my mood has been so weird, and most significantly, why I’m not sleeping well, if at all:  a cosmic shift.

You may be thinking:  “What?! A cosmic what?!”  What happened to logic?  That’s not logical at all!!

I know.  But I’m serious.  Sort of.

A cosmic shift, you say?  Yes.    Specifically: a NEW MOON!  


This morning, after another weird night of tossing and turning with very little sleep, I saw three (3) separate articles on my Facebook News Feed about a NEW MOON COMING THIS WEEKEND!  

The first from my favorite blogger, Gala Darling:

New Moon Magic

And this one:

Aries Moon

And another from Elephant Journal:

Elephant Journal – New Moon

Now, none of the above articles addressed my specific problems, but they did confirm my suspicion that something cosmic is “shifting” right now.  In fact, something celestial is happening tonight — the arrival of a new moon. 

How exciting!

The posts suggest that this new moon shall bring NEW POSSIBILITIES (romance, job opportunities, new friendships, new adventures, oh my!).   While all that would be a lovely, I just hope this cosmic shift / celestial occurrence brings sleep.


Fingers crossed, y’all.

What do you guys think about this New Moon?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.  I would also love to hear any SLEEP TIPS you might have.  Thanks!




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