Blog Love, Part 2

I recently went back and read my “Blog Love” post, and couldn’t believe I had left off some of my all-time favorites.  In an effort to fix this previous wrong, please check out the blogs below:

1.  Holly Would If She Could


Wow, it is really quite shocking that this blog was not on my first list, as it is one of the first blogs I found, that inspired me to go Paleo, and to start thinking about CrossFit.  It is also a blog I constantly check on an at least weekly basis to see what she is up to.  Holly is funny.  No, like really funny — like, make-you-laugh-out-loud-while-at-work-drinking-coffee-and-then-spit-said-coffee-onto-your-desk kinda funny.

She has a great post, that changed my views on running shoes (and inspired me to read the excellent book, “Born to Run”):  I Tried It: Barefoot Running – Holly Would If She Could

I love her taco salad recipe Taco Salad – Holly Would If She Could

And her raspberry muffin recipe:  Raspberry Almond Muffins – Holly Would If She Could

She also has a great CrossFit for newbies post, that I read so many times it is not even funny, prior to FINALLY getting up the nerve and walking into my box: CrossFit for Newbies – Holly Would If She Could

2.  Wardrobe Oxygen


Again, another blog that I cannot believe was not on my original list.  I have followed Allison over at Wardrobe Oxygen for years.  She is a DC-area style blogger, with a keen eye for fashion, and great ideas for those of us on a budget.  Check her out!

3.  Gala Darling


Again, whatthewhat?!? How was Gala Darling not on my first post.  Oh well. Moving on …


She’s totally funky and cool, as well as being a big proponent for SELF LOVE.  RADICAL SELF LOVE, no less.

And, she also loves planners and Filofaxes, and has a super cool post on how to make your planner into something, that you will love:  Filofax Guide – Gala Darling


Please, please, spend some time on her blog.

4.  Zen Habits


This blog is a source of constant inspiration to me to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.  And, interestingly enough, it just occurred to me that I have been FORCED to slow the fuck down this week, because of this cold, and it hasn’t totally sucked.  Huh.

Anyway, Leo at Zen Habits has great posts on minimalism, mindfulness, and, my personal favorite, the 72 ideas to simplify your life post.  Trust me, you can get LOST in his articles.  There are lots and they are all inspirational.

5.  Stupid Easy Paleo


Well, at least I don’t have to kick myself for not including this blog on my original post, since it’s only been on my radar for the past 5 months or so.  BUT, I do LOVE IT!  Steph is an athlete, a Paleo athlete at that, so there are lots of tips on performance, and eating for performance, which, as a new CrossFitter, I am all about.  She also wrote the Performance Paleo Cookbook (see pic above), which is on my Amazon Wish List (if you feel like buying me a present, that would be a good one.  Just sayin’…)

She also makes and sells the super awesome tank (Happy, Healthy, Harder to Kill!) I am wearing in my blog header pic, which apparently they no longer carry (which is kinda super cool for me. They do have a killer #quadzilla one, which will be my next purchase, since even after just a month of CrossFit, I feel like my quads are too big for my jeans.  Hence, my wearing yoga pants all the time AND LOVING IT.)



Thanks, Steph!


Well, I think that’s about it for now.  Mostly, because of this killer cold, which is directing me to go back to bed.  Pronto.


But, I feel good, at least, that I finally was able to share some of my SUPER FAVORITE blogs with you all.



PS – And just because … here’s a video that I’m obsessing over lately.  I love Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Challenges, and this one features Stephen Merchant (swoon!).  Check it out:


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