More Things I Love! Spring 2015 Edition

Detox baths.  Dancing.  Paleo Chocolate Tart.  Girls Gone WOD Podcast.  Bill Murray on Meditation.  “Unrequitted,” the book.  There are just so many things that I love these days.  It is the beginning of Spring here on the East Coast, and, accordingly, I’m feeling RENEWED after a long, cold winter.  Hence, more things that I love!


1.  Detox baths —

God bless, Epsom Salt!

IMG_5353With the beatings my body has been taking courtesy of CrossFit, I’ve been a big fan of Epsom Salt baths on a daily basis.  Thankfully, Costco sells Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts in bulk. This is the recipe for the detox bath that I use.

Epsom Salt Detox Bath




2.  DANCING & this video.


Gah!  I love dancing.  It is a close second (behind writing) on my ultimate favorite things to do list.  I wish I was as talented as this dude, Carson Dean (a professional dancer, apparently). Not even close.  But, watching this video always makes me smile.  I hope it does the same for you.




3.  This Paleo/Raw Chocolate “Pie” — I’ve been making this “pie” since the holidays, and with great reviews from friends, whether Paleo or not.  It is my go to recipe now, when looking for a special treat for myself.  The only sweetener is natural dates, so I feel pretty good about it as a wholesome alternative to my crazy processed sugar cravings.  (See my sugar addiction posts here and here).

Kelly Brozyna’s Chocolate Graham Pie





4.  Girls Gone WOD Podcast —

girlsgonewodagain, with the CrossFit obsession!  Joy & Clare apparently are also CrossFit obsessed, so much so that they started their own podcast.  They are both very funny and listening to it is like hanging with your girlfriends for an hour — girlfriends that talk about CrossFit.  The best kind of girlfriends 🙂

I have learned lots — including, what  to wear to CrossFit (booty shorts from Lululemon, apparently), different issues that I should be prepared for (like peeing yourself during double unders — yikes!), and just why people who CrossFit get so excited about the CrossFit Open.

If you are a girl and into CrossFit, you should be listening.

Girls Gone WOD Podcast



5.  Bill Murray’s quick meditation tip:

Man, I love Bill Murray.  He is probably my all time favorite actor, starting with “Stripes,” and on to “Groundhog Day,” and now all the Wes Anderson movies he has been in.  Seriously, “Groundhog Day” may be one of my favorite movies ever, and I am obsessed with Wes Anderson movies, and Bill Murray is in all of those.  HE IS JUST SO COOL!  And even though I didn’t think it was possible, I now love him even more.  billmurray

Recently, a reporter asked him “what’s it like to be you?” and his answer is so freaking amazing and he ends up leading the crowd in a quick meditation.  “… you are the only one that is you … this is me … this is me … and you don’t have to look over there … keep reminding yourself, that’s where home is …”

Check it out:

Bill Murray’s Impromptu Meditation Session Audio






6.  This Book:  “Unrequitted” by Lisa A. Phillips

A girlfriend recently (yesterday, actually) recommended the book “Unrequitted” by Lisa A. Phillips, and I got it immediately (audiobook version), and have been listening ever since.  Wow.  Comparing romantic obsession with addiction:  “…people with limerence are never satisfied with the amount of attention they receive … if they are not getting any, they can’t stop themselves from seeking it.”  Uh oh.

I’ve recently been “working on” my romantic/dating “issues” and eventually I will blog about that journey, but I am still at the very beginning of it, and feel, therefore, not able to articulate it.  BUT, I can share some of the great resources I am coming across on this recovery road.  This book is one of them.  If you have ever found yourself “obsessed” with relationships, in general, or with a particular relationship, I think you will learn a lot from this.  Even if you are not a woman.





7.  Walking.  OUTSIDE :  “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

There is nothing as restorative to my soul as being outside.  And now that Spring is here?  I am all over getting outside …  and walking.  It is especially nice when you can convince a friend to go with you, and even nicer, when you and that friend or friends find beautifully scenic places to do it.  I’ve found a few of said friends and places.  Here’s a beautiful sunset shot from one of them:





8.  The Wood Brothers

Bluegrass.  Folk.  Enough said.

They are headline-ing the Charm City Folk & Bluegrass Festival soon.  Hopefully I will be there to experience them live. (fingers crossed!)





9.  This Amy Poehler quote — and YES to being a person who DOES things!




I hope you all enjoy these links, as much as I have been enjoying them lately.  There is so much good stuff out there in the world.  I hope you get yourselves some.



PS — hahahahahaha



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