Things I LOVE – Friday, the First Day of Spring 2015

Cross Fit.  Beets & Goat Cheese.  Netflix.  Things I love, Friday! 

So, allegedly, today is the First Day of Spring.  However, it snowed here in Baltimore.

No joke.  Crazy. IMG_9315

But, tomorrow it is supposed to be a spring-y 50 degrees.  Yay!

I thought a snowy Friday would be a good time for another edition of “The Things I Love” series. Woot!





(1) CrossFit videos on YouTube:  You guys already know I am obsessed with CrossFit (see my post here), and even though it has been almost 1 month, I am still obsessively watching CrossFit videos every chance I get.

(And just as an aside, let me take a moment to highlight something I noticed about CrossFit today.  This evening I could not go to CrossFit as my schedule was wonky, so I went to the YMCA, where I still have a membership, to walk on the treadmill and do deadlifts.  There was nothing interesting about walking on the treadmill, BUT, I do feel I should mention what I noticed about doing deadlifts at a “regular gym.”  At CrossFit, when it is time for me to lift, there is always a bar available, and clips and weights, and there is always a space for me and for everyone there who is lifting.  Everyone is respectful of each other’s space and equipment.  However, tonight at the Y, I had to fight for a bar, fight for space to do my deadlifts and even fight for clips for the bar. What the heck?!?  And it was all men in the weight room at the Y, and they were being little greedy jerks.  Anyway.  Just an aside, but yet another reason that CrossFit is awesome.  HA~!)  

Check out these fun videos:

From Biggest Loser to CrossFitter:

Paleo/CrossFitting Grandma:


(2) Father John Misty Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins) — this song! I cannot stop listening to it. Literally, I listened to it in between phone calls all day today at work.)  Hypnotic and groovy, with absolutely insane lyrics.

“Lift up your wedding dress someone was probably murdered in …”

“Emma eats bread and butter / 
Like a queen would have ostrich and cobra wine”



(3) Summer Innanen Blog & Podcast – Fearless Rebelle Radio — self-love, and total body acceptance are Summer Innanen’s passion and kick-ass mission. She is super cool, you guys.  I am totally girl crushing on her right now.  (And she is a CrossFit chick — yes!!)summer  I recently heard her interviewed on a couple of my usual podcasts (See Half Size Me and The Paleo View), and ever since, I’ve been listening to her podcast, Fearless Rebelle Radio, and just obsessing about her in general.  As you all know, I have my own body image and compulsive overeating issues, and I am working on them in earnest this year.  See this post.  So, check Summer Innanen out, so you too can learn something about body love and acceptance – not when we lose 10 pounds, but RIGHT NOW.  DAMMIT!




(4) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix – OMG, you guys!  This show is hilarious.  Please stop what you are doing, and go watch this right now.  (Well, finish reading this post first … duh!)  It was created by the amazing Tina Fey, so, well, you know it is awesome!   Blerg.

IMG_9224 IMG_9220



(5) Frittatas with caramelized onions

See my post on frittatas here.   My newest twist is caramelizing an onion and then making a frittata with that caramelized onion …  and CHEESE (ack! #notPaleo, but it is Primal, so… whateves).  Havarti and/or Gouda being my favorites for the cheese element in said frittatas.  Delicious!




(6) Love beets and goat cheese from Costco

Since doing CrossFit, I’m eating carbs again. (GASP!  Whatever.  My body wants carbs now.  Sue me.) This is one of my favorite ways to do that:

Slice beets and marinate in olive oil and balsamic vinegarette. Crumble goat cheese on top.  Add lettuce. Or not. Yum. (Yep, I said it:  cheese.  Again.  So, not Paleo, but as I have talked about before, I am a real food eater.  Cheese is real food.  And it is delicious.) 

IMG_9319(I swear there are beets … buried under that mound of goat cheese!)



(7) The Pioneer Woman tries Bulletproof Coffee and Loves it:  you guys know that I am a big Bulletproof Coffee lover, as are many people in the Paleo community, but now Bulletproof Coffee goes mainstream via the Pioneer Woman. What?!bulletproof

She calls it “crazy coffee,” but acknowledges that it is, in fact, Bulletproof.  Expect a shortage of Kerrygold Butter soon~ (Panic!)




There are many other things I love this week, but I would like to get this post up while it is still Friday, so we shall stop there.  I hope you guys check these links out and let me know what you think.  I love hearing from you.

And, hey, all of the above recommendations taken together would make a pretty smashing weekend, if I do say so myself:  drink some Bulletproof Coffee, do CrossFit, come home, eat beets and goat cheese, while watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Weekend plans set!  You are welcome 🙂

And, remember, you are not a yellow Starburst. No.  No, you are not.   You, my friend, are most definitely a PINK Starburst.

If no one has told you yet today, let me be the first to say: IMG_9261




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