I am a writer.

 I am a writer.  I just thought it was important to point that out.  To myself.  To you.  To “the Universe.”

I have always been a writer, too.  I have journals upon journals filled with words.  Thousands and thousands of words.  Most of those words are sad and tragically confused and filled with self centered fear, as that is who I was, and who I still am sometimes.  Sadly, when I “lost my way,” somewhere around the age of 14, I stopped believing that I was, in fact, a writer. At some unknown point on this journey to find my way back to myself, I was struck with the realization that writing is the thing that I would do without being paid.  The thing that I rush home to do.  The thing that I am truly called and moved to do.  It was a soft voice at first saying: write, Cyndi, write.  And then it got a little louder, and, so I started this blog.  And as this blog develops, and, more importantly, as I develop, some truths are being revealed to me, by a power much greater than myself.  One of those things being revealed  is that part of who I am has been denied for a long time.  When I deny any part of who I am, when I deny my life’s purpose, I am not well.  I cannot be at peace.  I am not okay.  I am disconnected and can easily become totally lost from all that is good and real. Recovery has been about so many things, but mostly, it has been about me finding my way back to me.  Because when I am connected with my true nature, and when I’m connected to my life’s purpose, I am closer to God, and therefore closer to you, and therefore, closer to me.  Connection is what I believe it is all about.  It? Life.  All of it.  As E.M. Forster said, “only connect.” I write to connect. I write to connect to me.  I write to connect to you.  I write to connect to the essential being that is both a part of us all, and more than any of us could ever be.

I write. I am a writer.   And, I would bet, that most of you are, too.  Certainly, Elizabeth Gilbert is.  Watch her great TED talk on being a writer, below.

Xo, C.


3 responses to I am a writer.

  1. The Happy Typewriter

    Love that video. And love Anne Lamott. Helped me so much!!!

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