What I’ve Been Into — 3rd Week of February 2015 Edition

Cross Fit.  Indigo Girls.  Better Call Saul.  Tiny Beautiful Things.  Typesetter App.  Things I’m Into February 2015. 

I’m hoping that this will be a new weekly feature of my blog – a recap of all the things I’m into /studying / reading / listening to.  I dig it when blogs that I follow do a weekly recap kind of deal.  See joythebaker.com and hollywouldifshecould.net for examples of some of my favorite bloggers who do this. What have I been into this week? It’s been a cold and snowy week on the East Coast, so a lot of these things involve being INSIDE 🙂

#1 – CROSSFIT!!!

Of course, right?!?  What is the number one rule of CrossFit?  Talk about CrossFit all the time!


I FINALLY joined a CrossFit box this week after 2+ years of wanting to, but fearing it, thinking about it, and talking myself into and out of it.  It was one of those totally random meetings, where the Universe finally moves you to act.    I’ve had these moments before about other things — ya know what I mean?  Where you run into someone in a totally random way who tells you something about a subject you’ve been thinking about or on the fence about?!?  The more God centered my life, the more those random (or not so random …) moments seem to happen.

So, anyway, back to the story: I ran into a guy last week who was wearing a shirt of this CrossFit box, which I’d be thinking of joining for the past 2 years.  One of my very good friends was a former member of that box, and I’ve met others through the years, who also belonged and spoke highly of it.  Each time I would meet one of these people, we would talk about CrossFit, and I would once again go through this yes/no dance about it.  But, ultimately, I kept letting fear hold me back.

What was different about this particular random run in?  Well, I think it was just that a lot of ENERGY AND TIME has recently opened up in my life (long story and the subject of an upcoming blog post).  Time and energy that I can spend focused on something HEALTHY, such as CrossFit.  In addition, this most recent change in lifestyle that has opened up this time and energy, has also made me look at the things that I am afraid of, and obviously CrossFit was high on that list.  I felt inspired to begin to tackle those fears.  And so I joined.  AND I talked my friend, who used to work out there years ago, into rejoining with me.  FANTASTIC!  And much less scary to have a buddy to go into this new arena with me.  We have completed our first week and it was AMAZING!  Brutal and hardcore, and scary and harder than any physical work I have ever done, but I LOVED IT!

I am now obsessed with reading CrossFit blogs and watching CrossFit videos on YouTube.  Here are some of my favorites:

— DK Gets Fit – I love this blog.  I would so want to be this girl’s friend.  Not only does she seem cool and funny, she has transformed her body through CrossFit (and Weight Watchers).  She has lots of good CrossFit posts.  Check it out. There is also this great video on YouTube about her CrossFit journey.

Killing the Fat Man series on YouTube-– such a funny series about a guy who goes from couch potato to cross fit athlete.  A great inside look into what CrossFit is actually like, and what you can expect if you are new or thinking of starting.

Roni’s Weigh — I first discovered this blog a few years ago after listening to an interview with her on a weight loss podcast (either Tips of the Scale or Half Size Me, I can’t remember, because it has been so long).  Roni has had quite the inspirational fitness journey, and she blogs about that as well as other things.  AND … She is also a CrossFitter.  AND…  brace yourselves, she works out at the box that I just joined!  What?!!  Smalltimore!! (I have not met her yet because I did not want to seem like a total fan/geek/stalker and harass her while she was working out, but I will probably do that soon.  Sorry Roni!  #sorrynotsorry HA).  I also mentioned her podcast #wycwyc in my Podcast Recommendation post, not only because I got a “shout out” as the “wycwyc-er of the week,” but because it is a great motivational podcast, if you (like me) are trying to find both big and little ways to change your life. Check it and the blog out!



I have always loved the Indigo Girls.  This is far from a new thing.  I’ve probably seen them close to 20 times live, and have spent years fantasizing about being the third Indigo Girl.  So, why am I all into them in particular this week?  Well, it started at the Edwin McCain concert my friend and I went to this week (see photos below).  IMG_8805 IMG_8802

Great show at a great place (The Barns at Wolftrap), and for the final encore, he did a cover of Dire Straits, “Romeo & Juliet.” Afterwards, I asked my friend if she had ever heard the Indigo Girls cover of that song, which she had not, so I made her a CD the next day.  The CD was my own “best of the Indigo Girls,” and I’ve been listening to it myself nonstop since then.  I also got seriously dorky and began  making little Instagram pics featuring their amazing lyrics (see below).


See?  Dorky, but whatever, I am having fun!  Ultimately, I got into an Instagram “conversation” with another Indigo Girls fan, (@everydaychampagne — you should follow her on Instagram … she’s cool), who got me stuck on their “Three County  Highway,” song, which I have been listening to almost non-stop since last night (it is on in the background RIGHT NOW, in fact).

#3 — “Better Call Saul”

The “Breaking Bad” spinoff has finally started on AMC (Mondays at 10PM).  I DVR it every week and then binge watch.  I just watched the first 3 episodes the other night.  SO FREAKING GOOD!


#4 — “Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life From Dear Sugar,” by Cheryl Strayed


I own the book and the audiobook, and wrote recently about the Dear Sugar podcast, based on the book.  One of my colleagues actually read my blog post, and thanked me for turning her onto the podcast (Thanks, KD!).  Being the OCD type that I am, this brief text exchange motivated me to re-listen to the audiobook.  So many great gems and quotes (see above).  I cannot recommend it and the podcast enough.  READ.  LISTEN.  DO IT!

Here’s another great quote from the book:

“… the best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of love …”

# 5 — the “Typesetter” app


In case you are wondering how I am making these awesome “quote pics”!?  No?  Not wondering?  Oh well.  I will tell ya anyway — it is the “Typesetter” app.  Lots of fun and you can save the pic or open it in Instagram and share your quote pics with all your friends.  They will probably not love them.  FUCK IT.  HA .  Kidding.  But, seriously, as Cheryl Strayed says in “Tiny Beautiful Things,” “we are here to build the house.”  If your “house” is making quote pics, then “build” the fuck out of them.  (Obviously that last part is not Cheryl Strayed.) 

Here’s another Indigo Girls quote pic thing that I made with Typesetter for ya —


Well, I think that is about it for this week, kids.  Time to wind down my Sunday.  Are the Oscar’s on tonight?  I’m so out of the loop this year … Oh well.  (Except for “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” which may be my favorite movie of all time.  Really.  I should do a blog post about that.  Oy.  I’m too tired.  But, I DO hope it is nominated for something and wins EVERYTHING!).


Here’s hoping next week is happy and healthy for you all!




One response to What I’ve Been Into — 3rd Week of February 2015 Edition

  1. Rebecca

    Awesome read as always!!! Can’t wait to check out the links…especially the word app😊

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