PODCAST Recommendations

I am Podcast obsessed.  Seriously. I am.  I started listening to Podcasts when I found myself in the kitchen doing meal prep for hours at a time after going Paleo.  One of the “downfalls” of eating REAL FOOD, is that you have to cook.  A lot.  You will spend eons  in the kitchen making frittatas and the whatnot.  Unless you are a RAW real food person.  Which is cool too. I guess …

I’ve written before about my “noisy mind,” and the Podcasts help with that.  God forbid I just cook in quiet?!?  That would be crazy.  So, into the world of Podcasts I went.   If you have an iPhone, you can just download the “Podcast app,” and start downloading and listening.

Here are some of my favorites, by category.  I hope you guys check some, or all, of these out and leave me a comment about what you thought 🙂




* Everyday Paleo (now JASSA Method) (Both personal trainers and Paleo authors, Sarah and Jason talk about smart eating and smart movements – Paleo style)

* Balanced Bites (I talk a lot on my blog about Diane Sanfilippo – 21 day sugar detox post, etc.,  – this is how I first discovered her and her fantastic co host, Liz Wolfe.  They will keep you laughing, while you get your learn on about nutrition.  Its like hanging out with 2 super cool girls, while they talk about Paleo and pop culture.  LOVE!)

* The Paleo View (Stacy of The Paleo Parents and Sara of The Paleo Mom cohost this smart, funny Paleo podcast.  If you are suffering from an autoimmune condition, this Podcast should be on the top of your “must listen” list.)

* Bulletproof Radio (Dave Asprey, aka the Bulletproof Exec, talks about all things related to “hacking” your life)

* What You Can When You Can #wycwyc (my newest favorite, and not only because I was the #wycwyc-er of the week, last week – episode 5.)


* Life on Purpose with Gregory Berg (one of my new favorites, with great interviews about meditation and spirituality, as well as general self-help stuff)

* Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Timothy Keller’s Podcast) (even if you are not a Christian, Timothy Keller’s sermons are eloquent and beautiful observations about the human condition)

* Tara Brach (the ultimate “comfort voice” podcaster, Tara Brach is a Buddhist therapist; the ultimate podcast to listen to when you are at your wit’s end)

Personal Journal Type Podcasts:

* The Joy the Baker Podcast (I’ve written about this one before, but it should always be included on my favorites list, because I love Joy and Tracy.  They are hilarious.  Listen.  Please. You will thank me later.)

* On Being with Krista Tippett (SMART and super interesting interviews about life and books and other topics smart people would be interested in.  The episode with Helen Fisher, love anthropologist, is one of my favorites).

* WTF with Mark Maron (funny stuff and always on the top 10 iTunes rankings featuring deep interviews with comedians and celebrities)

* The Joe Rogan Experience (also very funny, mostly interviews comedians, but Joe Rogan also has a big interest in health, so he has some great interviews with people like Tim Ferriss and Robb Wolfe).

* The Tim Ferris Show (author of “The Four Hour workweek” and “The Four Hour Body,” this podcast features interviews with business leaders and motivational speakers. Lots of great ideas to establish daily rituals.)


* The Dr Drew Podcast (addiction / psychology + Dr Drew = LOVE)

* Serial (duh!)

* The Art of Charm (this one may surprise you, since it is geared towards men, but they have great guests talking about self-development.  Some smart female needs to come up with a podcast for women that combines evolution / dating / self-improvement.  Oh yea, I’m going to do that. HA!)

* The Mating Grounds (see above, but Tucker Max and Dr. Geoffrey Miller talk a lot more about evolutionary psychology stuff, which I love.  They also talk a lot about how to bang chicks, which I don’t love so much.  Lots of interesting info about on-line dating, if you are into that kind of thing.)

* Dear Sugar (the fabulous CHERYL STRAYED, see the book and the movie “Wild,” and her co host Steve Almond, were both the authors of the “Dear Sugar” advice column when it was online, this is the audio version.  It is FANTASTIC.  There is also an amazing book along the same lines by Cheryl Strayed called “Tiny Beautiful Things,” which I talk about in my – upcoming – Audio book Recommendation post.)



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