21 day sugar detox — days one through five — recap

Well today is day 5 of the 21 day sugar detox, and I feel pretty horrible. It’s like I have the flu — very weak, tired, headache-y, grumpy — geez I hope I’m not actually getting sick …  I came home from work early because I feel so bad, and thought it would be a good time to do a little recap of days 1-5 of the 21 day sugar detox. I think my first blog post on the detox captured the first 3 days, but I’ll do them briefly again anyway.

Day one. Woke up feeling okay – still bloated and puffy from all the sugar bingeing that happened the last few months.  Pretty quickly became fixated on what I could NOT have on this detox.  It wasn’t long before I became obsessed with fruit. Obsessed. Really. All day long, all I could think about was fruit.  Every time I opened the refrigerator, I felt sad.   After probably my second meal of eggs, I did not want to see another egg. I wanted berries. Raspberries.  However, the only fruits allowed on the detox are Granny Smith apples and green tipped bananas – and you only get one of those per day.  Sadly, I had not purchased any Granny Smith’s or bananas, so, I was stuck with eggs.  I could not eat another egg meal, and so I skipped dinner.  Grumpy!!!  H-ANGRY!   Ugh.

[Side note: I had done “pregame” cooking the Sunday before I started this, and made all kinds of different frittatas (see my frittata post) with meat, veg, eggs and a little coconut milk. I made different varieties thinking that would keep me entertained and happy during this first week, but by the middle of day one, I was grumpy and obsessed with the thought of fruit and hating the thought of eggs. If I had to do the pregame again, I would have bought tons of bacon and some damn Granny Smith apples and green tip bananas. Somehow I was delusional enough to think that I could survive an entire day, well, actually, the entire 21 day plan, on just eggs and meat and veg. Wrong!!]

Day 2. I am still obsessed with fruit and still pretty grumpy and now with a killer headache! And tired beyond all time and space. Yay? Literally all I can think about is fruit — not chocolate — fruit. I drink a lot of coffee with heavy whipping cream on day two just to feel like I was getting something “special.” I did do some online research and found a recipe for a “carrot pudding” on PaleOMG.  I made it and it was delicious.  It kept me from feeling totally deprived and I needed that.  Deprivation is the mind set on day 2. Oh and grumpiness. But my face looks less puffy 🙂

Day 3. Yet another killer headache and I’m still craving fruit, but I went to the store and stocked up on bacon. BACON. I then proceed to eat massive amounts of bacon. I’m also drinking a ton of coffee with heavy whipping cream on day 3.

Others are starting to notice and comment on my grumpiness. In fact, My boss got me a Granny Smith apple to cheer me up, which I then carried around with me all day — almost giddy with anticipation about eating it with almond butter at the end of my day.

After work, I went to the natural food store and got a Kombucha. OMG. Who knew Kombucha would be such a treat?!?! A little sweet and fizzy and a hint of happiness in my grumpy day.

I have to share this funny story regarding my Granny Smith apple. First, I have to say that I’ve never been a fan of Granny Smith apples. To me, they are biter and really a second-rate choice among apples. Well. By Day 3, totally different story! On day 3, I loved that Granny Smith apple. I loved it so hard.

Ok. The funny story. Here we go. All day on day 3, I fantasized about that apple. In between my grumpy thoughts — it was all apple thoughts.  It was a super stressful, busy day AND, it was like the coldest and windiest night of the year. AND I had to take out the recycling. I got home at 830/9pm and began to deal with the recycling. It took forever to take out the recycling. For-freaking-ever. All the Amazon boxes from Christmas deliveries …. Wow. Beyond. And then the wind came …. Oh lord. That wind was strong and cold and it blew all the stuff that I taken outside all over the neighborhood!! Ack!!! And all I could think about is that apple. But no … The wind keeps blowing boxes all over the neighborhood and I had to keep going back out in the freezing cold again and again to chase boxes all over the neighborhood. Priceless. Someone should have videoed it and put it on YouTube —- it was that ridiculous.

Finally after 30 minutes of crazy recycling drama, I came inside and was done with all of my chores. I washed and sliced my granny Smith Apple, put it on a plate with some almond butter and I took it upstairs to my room. I wanted to be alone with that apple. (Snicker). I ate the apple – with almond butter – so slowly and with such full attention. OMG. It was everything. It was so so so good. It was totally worth all the drama outside in the cold — and the frozen face.

Day four. I actually wake up feeling pretty good on day four!! My hunger seems pretty normal. I’m definitely hungry during the day, and I’m eating three meals, but I’m satisfied with them being only meat and vegetables. I don’t even think about fruit on day 4, even after stocking up on Granny Smith apples. I didn’t even eat almond butter out of the jar on Day 4. I just had meat and veg and was totally satisfied and went to bed early again.  I felt pretty darn good — like, yeah, I got this sugar detox thing. Yea.

Day 5. I am dying. I wake up feeling horrible — literally like I have the flu. My head is so heavy. I feel feverish. I have a horrible headache. I’m tired.  In fact, I’m tired just moments after waking up. I had to work feeling totally horrible. All day I was dragging my feet and so tired.  I had to take 8 ibuprofen during the day because of this headache /heavy-headed thing. In other news, I am not thinking about fruit –which is a good thing. I think? I left work early and took a hot Epsom salt bath. After bath? Feel fantastic! Go figure?!?!

So, what insight can I pass on to you all thus far?

1. Before starting the sugar detox I would definitely have bacon on hand. Plenty of bacon. Also Granny Smith apples and green tip bananas.

2. In my pregame cooking, I would probably do more than just make things featuring eggs. For instance, I’d probably try [21dsd] Diane Sanfilippo’s recipes for “not sweet treats” just to have those on hand for those moments when you’re feeling really grumpy (in other words, all day, every day.  HAHAHA).

3. I would put everyone on alert around me that I’m going to be a grumpy jerk for 5 days or so.

4. More research ahead of time. Today, I’ve been checking out a lot of other blogs, and my notes from the first couple of times I did this detox, and I’m pretty right on track for how I should be feeling this first week, which is like crap. Headaches, flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, craving fruit, grumpy. I think it is helpful to have this information ahead of time, so that you are prepared for how crappy you might be feeling.  In prior detoxes, I start feeling fantastic around day 7 — sort of  like I did on day 4 yesterday. I’m grateful that day 4 was so good even though day 5 has not been. It reminds me that it does get better if I just keep going.

5. Have special non-food treats on hand (i.e., Epsom salt bath stuff, a special candle to light, a new magazine, etc.).  Find ways to reward yourself without food and especially without sugar.  You will likely feel “left out” and “put out,” and, so, any special treat you can give yourself during this time can give you an additional boost.

6. Note the non-food related changes you see during the 21 day period.  I’ve noticed that I’m getting a lot more sleep. Apparently, the sugar was messing with my sleep cycle. Hmm.

Well, I’m feeling better after the bath, so I’m off to make more bacon.  Hopefully in a couple of days I’ll be telling you how amazing I feel.



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