New direction for the blog?

Hello?  Anyone out there?  I haven’t written a blog post in so long, that I am not sure anyone is still reading.  And I certainly wouldn’t blame you, dear followers, if you no longer followed a blog that hasn’t posted anything since July.  Egads!  So, what gives? The unfortunate truth is that I’ve been in a mental funk about the blog.  I felt a pull to change direction — just as I am changing direction in real life.  Could I even do that?  Should I just start another blog?  Certainly, I could continue to post about nutrition and fitness, but I’m not inspired to talk about that stuff as much anymore.  My beliefs and practices have not changed about either — eat real food and move in the way we have evolved to move (lift heavy and walk a lot), but I just don’t feel like talking about either as much anymore. I don’t believe that sharing about my nutrition and fitness practices are what could best serve others.  I think I have another, more powerful message to share.  

I was going to give the blog up entirely, but then it hit me:  this blog is called THE EVOLUTION OF ME and the truth is that I am continuing to evolve in my own “journey towards complete wellness,” and that evolution has now moved from the physical to the spiritual.

Yes, I said it:  spiritual.

I realize there is a chance I could lose some of you all given this change, but I feel compelled to move in a spiritual direction, as that is the area of my life that I am most focused on these days.  I believe that is the arena in which I have something significant to share.  As I heal myself, I hope that I can pass it on by showing others how I have healed.   I believe that my life’s purpose is to heal and to teach others how I healed.  And, yes, I have healed physically – through diet and lifestyle changes.  But I’ve shared that with you already AND there are so many awesome blogs out there sharing about those changes in ways that I could never do (see my recommendations in the “Blog Love” post).

My fitness and nutrition plans are pretty firmly set at this point in my journey, but I’m evolving on the spiritual plane these days, and I would like to share that journey with you all too.  So, that’s the plan, dear followers.  I hope you stick with me.  I truly believe that this spiritual healing is what I am meant to share with you and the world.  Things are about to get interesting.  

Stay tuned!

(Note:  I suspect fitness and nutrition posts will still sneak in from time to time, as the evolution of me includes the physical as well as the emotional and spiritual.  In fact, I will share in the very next post about how I convert leftovers into delicious new creations every week to take for my lunches).


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