I love reading nutrition and fitness blogs.  I have spent many hours surfing the ‘net and finding great blogs, and thought I should share my favorites with you. Do you have favorites that I have not included?  Leave your suggestions in the comments section.  Happy surfing!

BMORE PALEO MEETUP GROUP: If you are in the Baltimore area and interested in Paleo/real food nutrition, please join and participate in the Baltimore Paleo Meetup Group.  It is so great to meet people with similar interests to share recipes, shopping ideas, and to talk about walking barefoot.



NUTRITION BLOGS: Balanced Bites / Diane Sanfilippo:  One of my first Paleo blogs and still most trusted source of information.  I also love the Balanced Bites podcast and would suggest you check that out as well.  Her 21 day sugar detox program has been a game changer for me.  I have completed it several times, and each time, I am reminded just how addictive sugar can be. 21dsd

Bulletproof Executive:  Dave Aspry is a life hacker who spends an extreme amount of money and time “hacking” his health.  Let his efforts work for you.  I have learned a lot from Dave and his podcast.  I am also a serious Bulletproof Coffee person.  Yes, butter in my coffee.  It is AMAZING.   I have a cup every morning, and then don’t find it necessary to eat anything until around 2 PM that day.  My body is completely satisfied from the fat and nutrients in the delicious Kerrygold butter.  I also add a bit of coconut oil for the MCT energy.  It has changed my life.  Seriously.

Nom Nom Paleo: OMG, she makes amazing food.  I have cooked so many things from this website.  I really want to get her book.  It is on my wish list.  If you love to eat, this blog is for you!  Her cauliflower/carrot/parsnip puree is so delicious and a perfect Thanksgiving side dish (geez, now I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!).  I make her easy Paleo frittata using whatever leftovers I have almost every Saturday or Sunday.  YUM!nom The Paleo Parents:  Stacy & Matt have totally transformed their lives and the lives of their children through real food nutrition.  Their story is fascinating and inspirational.  I am a big, big fan of the Paleo Parents. They also make super yummy food.  Their granola was a favorite of mine during my early carb-y Paleo days (and trust me, I tried a lot of the grain free granolas on the web, and this was by far the best).   I still make and LOVE their egg drop soup.  It is a great way to get in bone broth (making bone broth will be covered in an upcoming post on this blog, but until then, see their post called “Stacy’s Soups”).  Sometimes, I will have it for breakfast.  Yum!  Also, Stacy and Sarah from The Paleo Mom (another great blog you should check out – especially if you have an autoimmune condition) have a great podcast that I listen to every week called “The Paleo View.” lard The Clothes Make the Girl:  One of my first stops for Paleo cooking tips.  Melissa also suffers with thyroid issues and has written extensively about it.  Her books, “Well Fed,” and “Well Fed 2” are 2 of my very favorite cookbooks.  Some of her recipes are my go-to every day recipes that I use so much I know have them memorized (including her homemade mayo, chocolate chili, “zucchini noodles,” etc.). wellfed FITNESS BLOGS: Mark’s Daily Apple:  Mark Sisson – the father of the Primal movement.  This man’s “body of work” is so impressive that you will listen to whatever he has to say.  His video on how to perform squats is a favorite of mine. marksisson Thrive with Jen Sinkler – Lift Weights Faster:  How does Jen get her cardio in?  She lifts weights faster.  She seems like a super cool chick. I will probably order her book.  And Diane Sanfilippo and Melissa Joulwan, two of my favorite Paleo bloggers, highly recommend her program, and that is enough for me!   Print   Runs for Cookies:  I know I shouldn’t be doing chronic cardio (i.e., running), but for now, it is a hobby, and God knows I need hobbies.  This is a running blog that I really enjoy.  The author (below) has lost a lot of weight while pursuing her running goals.  And she likes cookies.   (I just wish they were gluten free cookies …. baby steps.) runsforcookies

Phew.  That’s a lot of blog lovin’, eh?  That should keep y’all busy for a minute.  Or two.  Seriously though, I hope you enjoy these much as I do.  And, please, leave me your blog loves in the comments section.



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    • It's me! CC – Author

      Wow! I am so excited that you found my tiny little blog, Melissa Joulwan!! So super excited!!! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Your blog has been a fantastic resource for me on my journey to health — especially your thyroid posts. (And, seriously, I have your homemade mayo recipe memorized and use it weekly. Same with the chocolate chili and zuchinni noodles. THANK YOU!)

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