Things I Love – Tuesday Edition

The Joy the Baker Podcast.  Bullet journals.  The Runkeeper App.  Things I love Tuesday.

Hey peeps.  What’s up?  Really?! That’s cool.  Same here.

Good news.  I’m sharing some “things I love” with y’all.  On a Tuesday.  Woah.

Here we go:

#1 — The Joy the Baker Podcast.  Seriously!?!?  I love these ladies so much!  I could (and do) listen to their podcasts all day, every day.  They are hilarious.  And adorable (look at their adorable pic below – c’mon!).  Check them out.  Unless you are lame.  (Don’t be lame.)  They are both bloggers (see Joy the Baker and, and are both really cool and funny chicks.  The kind of chicks I would be friends with.  We would laugh and laugh.  And listen to Silverchair.  And sing Mariah Carey songs at the top of our lungs while driving with the windows down drinking Dr. Pepper.  Man, that is going to be super cool.  I cannot wait.  (If I say it, it is out in the Universe, and totally could happen.)


#2 – Bullet Journaling.

I heart bullet journaling.  It is making me super organized.  It is a super fun way to keep track of life and lists.  I love lists.  AND, just to tie it all together, I first heard about Bullet Journaling from Tracy of, co-host of the Joy the Baker podcast!  What?!  Yep.  A-MAY-ZING!  Be sure you watch the You Tube video.  I watched it about a gazillion times.

Another cool tie in?  My work bestie, Vivian, is also obsessed with bullet journaling AND she and I want to start a podcast (a la Joy and Tracy)!!! Can you believe THAT?!?  Double woah.


#3 – Making mix “tapes” —

I have been making fun Spotify playlists (Dr. Hook + Tears for Fears + Norah Jones = super cool) and mix “tapes” (CDs) for my friends.  Check out the play list from the one I made today for my friend, Linda.  Hope you guys can make out this pic.  It was a huge pain in the ass getting it up here, but if not, trust me, it is cool.  HA.  Glasvegas + Belly + Guster = beyond cool!


#4 – the RUNKEEPER app

So, I’ve been running.  I am a runner.  Officially.  I’ve run two 5Ks this summer and have another one, the Electric Run, coming up this weekend.  Running has brought me a sense of pride and satisfaction and a “tiny victory” that my life really needed.  It has also been a great way to connect with my girlfriends.  I ran the last 5K with my besties on my 45th birthday (see the pic below), and I am running the Electric Run with a group of fun friends this weekend.  I’ve also connected with friends using the Runkeeper app.  I love this app.  It keeps track of my runs.  I can add notes and photos.  And I can share all of that with my runner friends.  And it is free!  Check it out.


#6 – Pinterest recipes

Have you guys checked out my Pinterest boards?  Please do!  I “pin” lots of fun stuff and great real food recipe ideas.

#7 – this:


I think that is enough to keep you guys busy for a couple of days.  Have a fantastic week.  I will post pics and a review of the Electric Run after we crush it on Saturday 🙂



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