Party treat or great snack idea — homemade “Lara Bars”

Hey guys.  Guess what?  I’m posting again!  Exciting, eh?  It is for me too 🙂  Anyway…  This weekend I made these delicious fruit and nut bars from Everyday Paleo for the various parties (see photos below) I was attending. They were a huge hit!

IMG_3929 (2)



Jealous?  I know!  It was an amazing weekend.

Anyway, these bars were a huge hit at both the pool and on the boat.  And with non-Paleo/non-real food eaters as well as my sorta Paleo friends.  Seriously!  Everyone loved them (well, except for 2 people but they didn’t like cherries, … clearly, they are crazy).   Of course, I modified the recipe a bit (as I do…), because I just used what I had on hand.  I made the “coconut cherry” ones, but used raw cashews, because that is what I had, and only used coconut for half a batch.   They are so easy, and a great snack when you are on-the-go, but you need a quality food processor to make them.  In fact, that is probably my top recommendation for you all to start your real food cooking — a quality food processor.  Put one on your Amazon wish list.  Maybe you will get lucky, and your chef brother will buy you one for your birthday. And maybe he will buy you one so much nicer than the one you had on your wish list.  That’s how it went down for me.  Thanks, bro!

As I said, I took these to all the parties I went to over the July 4th weekend — a pool party and a boat trip to see fireworks — and had many ask for the recipe.  Today, I brought the remaining to work. My coworker, Vivian, loved them too! See?? (She is adorable, y’all, I know.  Oh, and random, but wow, my “office husband’s” desk is a mess.)



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