Now that you have your grocery list, and, presumably, have done your shopping, we are ready to get cooking.  The first “meal” I am going to suggest is my go-to quick dinner (which could also be a great breakfast) — spinach and eggs.

Yes, you heard that right: spinach and eggs.  This is what it looks like:

IMG_3616When I get home at 9 PM, this is the quickest most delicious dinner to prepare.  Sadly, sometimes I don’t eat dinner until 9 PM.  Believe me, it is not ideal and I am well aware that it is not in my best health interests, but until I figure out how to restructure my life, this is best solution: a relatively light dinner that is super easy to prepare and also super delicious.

Cooking Instructions:  Usually I will dice a couple of onions and mince some garlic on Sundays.  I put those in the fridge in plastic containers, so that I have quick flavor enhancers when a fast meal is in order.  I heat my cast iron skillet to medium, add some coconut oil or bacon grease or quality lard or tallow to the pan and either saute garlic or some onion — I saute the garlic only a few seconds, and the onion longer until translucent.  But not too long.  You don’t want to burn either while cooking the spinach.  I then add the spinach (currently I am using Organic Power Greens from Costco which is a spinach/kale combination) to the skillet with the garlic or onion.  I add A LOT of greens – as many as will fit in the pan.  If you have never cooked greens before be warned that they will cook down DRAMATICALLY.  I saute the greens until they reach the desired consistency — I like mine “well cooked” with some pieces kinda crispy.  When the greens are cooked to my desired consistency, I then dry them on a paper towel in case I’ve added to much grease.  And then in that same pan, I either cook one or two eggs over easy or poach one or two.  Having the “dippy egg,” is crucial, so you can break the yolk over the spinach — prepare to have your blown!  It is so good.  Some people thing it sounds disgusting, until they try it.  And then they are blown away and instant converts.  AND the whole process takes only minutes.  By 9:15, I am sitting down and enjoying my dinner.  And it is not heavy, so I can still get to bed at a decent hour.  (I am still working on the sleep schedule thing. And stress management.  Baby steps … )

Today, I saw this recipe which I am eager to try, and which looks like an ADVANCED version of my recipe, but if you have gotten all the items I suggested on my shopping list, you should be able to make this too, with maybe a tiny substitution or two:  BLT Breakfast Salad from

Bon Appetit!


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