Random Rant — the BEACH, Autoimmune Paleo Update, Pork Belly & Monkey Riding a Pig

I’ve been absent for a bit from my blogging duties.  Sorry!  We went to the beach for a week, and although I did eat a bunch of dairy and sugar, I felt better than I have in a long time.  Probably because there was absolutely NO STRESS!  I ate, swam, walked and slept on the beach all day, every day, with no thoughts of my schedule or my normal responsibilities.  It was wonderful.  I came back tanned, relaxed and NOT INFLAMED, which was shocking to me given the fact that I had ice cream, etc., until I made the stress connection.

Now that vacation is over, I’m back to my usual routine, which unfortunately includes a lot of things to be stressed about, and even though I’ve completely removed dairy, I am inflamed again!  — so much so that I’ve gotten a cold.  Boo 😦  It started yesterday with a sore throat, and today it is full on down and out sickness.  I find this all very interesting considering the fact that I cleaned my diet up substantially after vacation, but yet now I’m sick.  So, what gives?  STRESS!  Has to be!  Work has been nuts and I’m back to trying to get back into the swing of non vacation life, and it is clearly taking its toll.

Solution?  Bone broth!  I have a batch in the crock pot now, and I ordered more bones from US Wellness Meats, and I even ordered a pail of their bone broth.  I’m going to be swimming in bone broth by the end of the weekend.  [Bone Broth]

Speaking of broth, I’m in bed (sick) watching “The Mind of a Chef” with David Chang on Netflix and he was just enjoying some delicious looking broth, but his has ramen (and ramen definitely has gluten, so it is not something I will be having any time soon).  It is a very cool show — I highly recommend anyone checking it out. [Mind of a Chef with David Chang]

Before starting this series, I was watching Ricky Gervais’ show “Derek,” also on Netflix.  I cried like a baby while watching it.  This cold is also making emotional.  [Oh, pork belly!!!  I want some too!!!  Random, I know, but David Chang is making some delicious pork belly on my TV right now and I WANT!  I WANT!]

ANYWAY, I mentioned “Derek” because I want to share this video, so that you too can get this song stuck in your head.  ENJOY!


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