Stand up & squat

We all know sitting is bad for us.  If not, see this great article by Chris Kresser:

Part of my wellness journey is to decrease my time spent sitting.  To that end, my clever father helped me design this awesome stand up desk since I am now spending hours at a  time on the computer working on this blog.


My awesome new stand up desk. (Thanks, Dad!)

I have also challenged myself to squatting more every day.  We all know how good squats are for you.  If you need help with your squat form, see this awesome video by Mark Sisson:  (side note – I say awesome a LOT!)

There have been lots of “squat challenges” on the web lately, and they’ve inspired me to challenge myself.  While I’m at my stand up desk, I do squats.  That’s my challenge.  Simple.

Care to join me?  Stand up more.  Squat often.


One response to Stand up & squat

  1. This is great! Squatting is one of the most basic human movement patterns and should be done everyday…keep up the good work!

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